LED luminaries: Lighting that Speaks to the Heart

Spring City offers an ample range of outdoor lighting fixtures. From area lighting to historical reproduction, Spring City has a fixture ideal for your application. Their ornamental fixtures have the same aesthetic appeal as their whale oil burning counterparts but meet or exceed modern industry standards such as Underwrites Laboratory, Illuminating Engineering Society, National Electric Code, etc.

The following products are just a few of the hundreds of designs available to you from Spring City. While many applications call for faithful and precise reproduction of cherished historical pieces, Spring City customers often work with our designers to produce custom pieces of surpassing beauty.

Utilizing Revolutionary LED technology, the LED achieves the same highly controlled distribution found in the fluorescent version with a 25% reduction in power consumption and is RoHS compliant, thereby reducing harmful lead and mercury emissions to our environment. Superior thermal management ensures LED lifespan in excess of 75,000 hours and modular constructions allows for simple replacement of the LED elements as future advances are made to this exciting technology.

The LED technology utilizes sustainable construction of nearly 100% aluminum and exceeds all dark skies criteria for light intruder.


Inspiring light

Envision revolutionary lighting design so minimalist and versatile that you can use it in your home in radical new ways. Yet so stylish and contemporary you’ll want to make it the centerpiece of your interior.

Innovative design

LED has been the biggest revolution in lighting technology since Edison invented the incandescent lamp.

Sustainable solution

Don’t conciliate on design or light quality to balance your budget and care for the environment.

Material Used

High Pressure aluminum die casting case, casehardened safety glass front panel, high-purity aluminum reflector.

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